Alpha Omega will educate, empower and enable you to make the most of your NFT, web3 and cryptocurrency journey.

Providing you with the best NFT tools, insane call-outs, whitelist giveaways for major projects and access to our exclusive Discord community – as well as access to our game-changing LightningNode





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The Ultimate Breeding Ground for Success

Alpha Omega is an ultra-exclusive Discord NFT Alpha community, we have knowledgeable members, networking and learning opportunities for both those new to the scene and the more veteran picture collectors.

In our Discord, you will be able to join the rest of the Alphas and unlock more channels for pre/free mint notifications, giveaways, private alpha chat, call-outs, degen plays and more!

providing you with un-matched resources

The Best NFT Tools

Whilst we are developing our tools and building our NFT Alpha Group, Alpha Omega will provide free access to our complete tool-kit, currently consisting of:

LightningNode – we are investing heavily into the development of our very own NFT node which we are going to make sure will be game-changing, enabling you to mint NFTs significantly faster than any other Alpha Groups node out there.

C-Bot, an AI-led chatbot – this will let you automate the process of talking and being active in as many Discord servers as you like. C-Bot will boost you message count and get you allowlist spots by interacting with other members in multiple servers by itself – without the need for a script!

That’s not all, we have a complete suite in the works and coming to our Discord very soon.

we are proud of our amazing alpha community

An Exclusive Discord NFT Alpha Group

Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our members have to say. We’re truly blessed to have such an amazing NFT community and our team are always striving to make sure everyone is looked after.

From those who are new to NFTs to the more advanced. All our Alphas are friendly and pitch in to help each other no matter what stage you are on your journey. It doesn’t even matter if you only have $10 to your name – we got you covered with free call-outs as well as profitable pre-mint and free mint notifications from our experts.


Ok, I'm sold - count me in.

Let us prove that things which seem too good to be true, can be true.
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surround yourself with success

Network with other NFT Enthusiasts

Learning about the world of NFTs, web3 and crypto can be quite daunting at first, but you won’t have any issues in our server!

Our members are NFT creators, collectors and enthusiasts. With some key founding members of projects as part of our Alphas – our Discord is the place to be for cutting out the noise and reaching those who can give you the answers you need without having to jump through hoops.

our experts only call-out the most promising NFT projects

Take Advantage of our Insane Call-outs & NFT Whitelist Giveaways

Besides our countless benefits, like our LightningNode™️ & resourceful community, our calls are also hyper-profitable!

Our team of professional shot callers are watching the markets for you at all times. We have generated tens of thousands of dollars of profit, completely free, for the members in our Alpha Group who decided to act upon our calls!

The team behind Alpha Omega

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Core Team

Python Developer & Cryptocurrency enthusiast. Polar has a strong background in everything to do with technology.

Core Team

NFT & Cryptocurrency enthusiast. Bean has substantial knowledge in world-wide communications and content creation.

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Core Team

Influencer and social media specialist. Damian has a profound love for social media and an incredible desire to leave an impact.

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Head of Marketing

Chartered Marketer (CIM, UK) and lover of all things crypto. SDPF has a strong background in disruptive crypto projects – specialising in technical marketing, branding & strategy.

You don't need to ask me twice!

Come join our community and check out all the tools we offer.
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Frequently asked questions

Does it matter if I'm new to NFTs, web3 or cryptocurrency?

No, if you are accepted into the Alpha Group, you will have plenty of material and people to mix with to learn from in our Discord.

What do I need to purchase my first NFT?

A MetaMask wallet, don’t worry too much about funds. We will provide you with opportunities to earn, without any capital.

What makes Alpha Omega different from other Alpha groups?

We currently don’t charge subs or fees to use our tools/channels. We also boast some extremely experienced members in our core team and Alpha Group alike.

What are the best NFT projects to get involved in?

That is a question for our experienced shot-callers, join our Discord today and ask them for yourself! Or wait to see what projects they share.