If you’re bored of losing out on mints or simply want to up your NFT trading game, you can for only Ξ0.006 – what are you waiting for? These queues aren’t going to skip themselves are they?!

we will educate & empower you to make the most of your NFT journey

Providing you with the best NFT tools, insane call-outs, whitelist giveaways for major projects and an amazing community – as well as access to our game-changing LightningNode





your new #1 alpha group

Alpha Omega is an exclusive Discord NFT Alpha community, we have knowledgeable members, networking and learning opportunities for both those new to the scene and the more veteran picture collectors.

In our Discord, you will be able to join the rest of the Alphas and unlock more channels for pre/free mint notifications, giveaways, private alpha chat, call-outs, degen plays and more!

the best NFT tools on the market

Whilst we are developing our tools and building our NFT Alpha Group, Alpha Omega will provide free access to our core offering:

LightningNode – we have invested heavily into the development of our very own NFT node which is the most feature packed and one of the fastest, enabling you to mint NFTs significantly faster than the average investor and any other node on the market.

That’s not all, we have a complete tool-kit in the works and coming to our Discord very soon.

Ok, I'm sold - count me in.

Let us prove that things which seem too good to be true, can be true.
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the latest from our blog

we have the most amazing community, but don't just take our word for it!

I've watched this community blossom and grow into such awesomeness. Clean understandable calls and explanations. Degens helping degens. And I honestly don't know how many people I've beaten on the transaction because of the AO LightningNode. It feels amazing when you find a forever alpha home. Honored to be here. Thank y'all!

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It's my 20th day in NFT world and Crypto world at all and this group has been so helpful since the day I joined. They never get tired of my silly and newbie questions about tools, analysis and how things work.

I have and will always learn from them and the calls they make. They didn't give just a call or a play, but they also give you how they think. I didn't imagine I would find a group that helpful and amazing in this space, but they proved me wrong. Thanks for accepting a beginner like me and thanks for all the giveaways and challenges!

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Hello everyone, I state that in the past I have been in many alpha groups but when I entered here I realized that they are the number 1.

Hospitality, professionalism and education are the factors that I look at the most and this server has them all. Since joining I have been very well received by both members and staff and it has allowed me to integrate into this channel to the fullest. I was helped in many things, yes because you can have all the experience you want but you never stop learning.

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Name definitely suits it as it is faster like lightning of course and they still say it is beta so we can expect what they have been working on. I am really happy i am early in here and i can see them working and building something huge. It is one of best things happened to me that i got into Alpha Omega. I am gonna support it till the end lets see where the journey takes us!

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meet the team

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Core Team

Python Developer & Cryptocurrency enthusiast. Polar has a strong background in everything to do with technology.
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Core Team

NFT & Cryptocurrency enthusiast. Lite has substantial knowledge in world-wide communications and content creation.
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Head of Marketing

Web Dev & Chartered Marketer (CIM, UK) with 13+ years experience, lover of all things crypto. Nick has a strong background in disruptive web2 & web3 projects – specialising in technical marketing, UX/UI, branding, strategy and growth.
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Hidde first started his crypto journey in 2020. Now in the NFT space, he’s devoted and passionate about software development and changing the standard for web3 – whilst studying Computer Science at Uni.
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Carlo has been programming since the early age of 12, studied a double bachelor in mathematics and physics & now doing medschool. He’s been in crypto since 2020 – mainly focussed on backend, geth, web3 applications and solidity. Man loves cats.
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