A Guide to Generating Income In the Current NFT Market

Oct 13, 2022 | Beginners, How To, Insights

To the question many individuals have been inquiring about these past few months, “Can I still make money in the current NFT market?”, the answer to that would be yes. It is no secret that the trading volume on the famous NFT exchange, OpenSea, has been quite low in these past few months.

This is due to many economic issues happening in the real world, as well as overall horrible market conditions. There is still money to be made in this space. This could be either from NFT trading, Web3 staff jobs, and so much more. In this blog, I will go over the skills and tactics you may need to start generating income, despite current market conditions.

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Can I Still Make Money In the Current NFT Market?

There are many ways to use the current NFT market as leverage to generate wealth. One of the simpler ways would be to flip/invest into NFTs in a casual manner. There are many projects that have recently come out that have been doing amazing and have been generating profits like .2 -.3E during recent trades. 

Another amazing way to generate income would be Web3 employment. This could be working for projects as a collaborative manager, moderator, advisor, etc. Projects nowadays will pay a great amount to find a well-connected and hard-working collaborative manager. Projects also hire moderators to keep a lookout on their community and pay a decent amount for the overall work being put in. Both of these “skills” are easy to obtain with time, but when mastered, can go a long way.

NFT trading and project connecting can be easily obtained in an established group. An example of a group that can help an average NFT consumer with this, would be one that provides calls from experienced traders to gain those profits and also create a gateway to connecting with notable people in the NFT space. Alpha Omega provides an all-in-one solution to these problems and provides the utmost help/guidance to its members. 

How Can I Gain Experience To Obtain These Skills?

The answer to the question above is quite simple. It does not take months of experience to work for projects and start monetizing your skills. The number one way many collaborative managers gain experience would be to work for projects for free to show what they can provide and build connections using the project they work for as leverage.

As you get more comfortable with working for projects and become well-connected in the space, bigger projects will start to reach out and could possibly result in a paid job. Finding a monetizable skill is not a hard task to complete, but one that is resourceful to many projects in need of that specific task.

Trading NFTs/Crypto cannot only gain income in one way but could be used as training/calling in other projects. Starting out from learning a skill to monetizing it, can be a lot of hard work and time put in, but when comprehended, can pay off in many ways than one.

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