Is Aptos a strong contender to overtake SOL and ETH, or will it fail?

Oct 27, 2022 | Insights

This question has been pounding in many people’s heads in the past couple of days. To give more insight into what Aptos is, it is a Layer 1 blockchain that uses a specific programming language, Move.

They have just recently opened up their “Aptos Genesis” on October 12th, 2022, and have been a hot topic in the web3 space since. With tons of investors waiting to fund this ongoing project, as well as their high-level security features and low transaction costs, Aptos could possibly be the next blockchain to take over.

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Where did Aptos come from?

The Aptos blockchain is gaining a lot of attraction due to its notable past. Not too long ago, developers from Meta (Facebook) were developing a blockchain by the name of “Diem” and were sidelined for a while. Aptos uses the same programming language originally used for Diem and focuses on the original goal of the Diem blockchain. Aptos Labs hopes to provide unique features that will make cryptocurrency more accessible to the average consumer.

Aptos Labs was founded by Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching and assembled a brilliant team full of computer scientists, engineers, and much more. Funny enough, both of the founders met during the development of the Diem blockchain at Meta. As soon as Meta decided to shut down the Diem operation, both the founders decided to take what they learned and build Aptos Labs.

Is Aptos better than Ethereum or Solana?

As far as speed, Aptos does beat Ethereum in the fact that Ethereum’s finality is over a minute, and Aptos can finalize its transactions in less than a second. When it comes to stability and power, Ethereum does take the cake. Aptos does experience outages at times, while Ethereum is known for its amazing upkeep and reliable software. No matter the case, Ethereum will always remain the main and unrivaled blockchain for NFTs as a whole.

 The other main competitor to Aptos is Solana, also known as the most powerful Layer 1 blockchain out at the moment. When comparing the Solana and Aptos blockchains, Aptos is more on the reliable side due to the fact that Solana has, in the past, experienced outages and downgrades to their blockchain. While Solana is more prone to failure, Aptos’s every block is matched with much more powerful nodes. Due to these much more computational requirements, the hardware used to build the Aptos blockchain needs to hold more “knowledge” than the one Solana uses.

Aptos moves into NFTs

As the Aptos brand grows more and more, they have decided to expand its utility to NFTs. They have managed to figure out another way to speed up users’ transactions as a whole and a different way to fund new accounts and mint NFTs for their accounts. Another amazing feature of Aptos NFTs would be the command line interface tools that make it easy to test contracts before a specified mint.

 Aptos Labs has definitely helped with the development of NFTs and only makes it easier for owners to create their collections. Instead of using other resources to build and develop NFTs, people can now deploy multiple instances at once and create a recurring loop of transactions. They have worked on quantity over quality, meaning you can mint millions of NFTs in less than an hour without a problem. Aptos NFTs are starting to roll out, and as more and more attention is brought to them, the more they will grow.

How to take advantage of this new era

New trends and metas are being found each and every day in the NFT space. Trading NFTs via the Aptos blockchain could indeed be a new one that is right under our noses. New NFT calls, tools, and projects may be coming out soon regarding the new inhabitants of Aptos. The best way to get comfortable with these possible changes would be to join an Alpha group that can provide you with updates, giveaways, and possibly tools that will leverage your trading using the Aptos blockchain. Many groups are currently trying to adapt to this new “era”, Alpha Omega are already starting to run giveaways and updates on this new blockchain and could possibly have tools in the near future regarding Aptos.

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