For the Beta phase, we are giving some of our Alphas access to the node for FREE. Join our Discord today to get started.

The game-changing NFT node, LightningNode 

LightningNode is an Ethereum node exclusive to Alpha Omega Discord members.

Built by our developers from the ground up on the latest Geth distribution, the key advantage of using our node over the MetaMask default is speed.

This makes a significant difference, especially when a the network is busy, maybe your favourite NFT project is dropping.

If another transaction gets submitted at the same time as yours on a normal node that is shared by thousands by MetaMask; you will not have to wait in line and your transaction will be sent to the blockchain first.


Beat the queues and mint your favourite NFT project before anyone else

With LightningNode, your transactions wont be waiting in a queue with thousands of others. You’ll be able to skip the line and make sure your transaction will be sent to the blockchain faster.

This is crucial as it will allow you to beat the hype for your favourite projects. While other transactions have to wait in a pool of thousands of others, you don’t have to wait anymore!

The LightningNode beta is available to all our Discord members, for free. All you need to do is add it to your MetaMask using our own RPC URL. Join our Discord today to get started.


Why settle for the standard?

When you make a transaction on Etherscan, your transaction goes through their API which will pick a node for you. MetaMask uses Infura nodes which are shared by all users.

All these transactions get queued up in the node to be sent to the blockchain where a miner will verify your transaction and propagate it through the network.

This isn’t ideal, as when the network is busy (usually when a good mint is happening), the queue of transactions on the shared node will be very long – leaving you waiting a long time for your transaction to be processed, which in turn means you’ll probably miss out on a trending NFT mint and it will sell out before your transaction reaches it.

LightningNode was created to counter the above and truly give our Alphas the most cutting-edge technology to help them get their hands on their favourite NFT projects, without having to worry about missing out.